The CostelHostel was founded by Constantin Furtuna, who was born and raised in the Cahul area. Through his enthusiastic participation in the Couchsurfing community for many years, Constantin discovered that he enjoyed meeting people from around the world. Through the intercultural exchanges, he especially welcomed the opportunity to learn about others’ lifestyles and improve his English, while sharing details about the Moldovan culture. Eventually, he decided to open the CostelHostel, a small guesthouse in the heart of the Moldovan countryside.

About CostelHostel
  • CostelHostel is located in the village of Rosu, in Southern Moldova. Rosu is approximately 5 kilometers (3 miles) from Cahul, which is Moldova’s third-largest city. The village is a convenient stopping point for onward travel, in any direction!
  • On the property there is a large garden, in which Constantin grows fruit and vegetables using Permaculture principles. There is a table and chairs outside, which overlook neighborhood grapevines and the countryside. If the weather permits, it is possible to BBQ outdoors.
  • In the village of Rosu, guests can enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer: sunny skies, fresh air and water, organic fruit and vegetables. Rosu’s villagers are friendly and eager to interact with travelers. Some of them may even offer home-produced products for sale, such as eggs and wine. Guests sometimes refer to Rosu’s homes as ‘gingerbread houses’ because of their pretty blue exteriors and elaborate folk-art paintings and designs. Even the neighborhood water wells are decorated by hand! Each one is unique.
  • The city of Cahul is easily accessed via the local mini bus #7, which runs frequently to and from Rosu. A one-way bus ticket costs 3 Lei (approximately 0.15 Euro cents), and the ride takes about 15 minutes. Cahul has ATM machines, a modern supermarket, a fresh outdoor market, and several smaller specialty shops. Restaurants and bars there offer delicious food and wine, and the city’s people are friendly. Cahul is a popular spa and health-resort destination because of ‘Nufarul Alb Sanatorium’ that offers treatment with mineral water, recreation and rehabilitation and is also home to the folk music festival ‘Nufarul Alb’ (which translates to ‘White Nymphaea’).
About the Founder / Owner, Constantin
  • Constantin is a modern-day Renaissance man. He is passionate about Permaculture a method of sustainable gardening philosophy, and he loves to cook, read books and learn. He also enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and appreciating all that is beautiful about life.
  • He loves tasty food – especially pizza. He incorporates vegetarian, vegan, and raw practices into what he cooks, and prepares Moldovan dishes as well as those with international flair.
  • Constantin has been described as a “friendly gentleman” and “enthusiastic conversationalist.” He appreciates good humor, and likes helping others, not only in his village and in the Cahul area, but also in the international community.
  • He speaks Moldovan-Romanian, English, Russian and Italian. He is also interested in business, photography, nature, animals, computers, writing, psychology, travel, and sports like swimming and cycling. He looks forward to discovering, even more, interests in the future.