A walk through the village of Rosu

The village of Rosu is a picturesque place to relax among, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. From lounging in CostelHostel garden to traveling on a 50-year-old train dating back to Soviet times, the Moldovan countryside offers many unique experiences. Here are some of the activities that you might enjoy while staying at CostelHostel.

Moldovan home-owners take pride in decorating their homes in a traditional and colorful manner. Just outside the gate of CostelHostel, you’ll see fences of all colors, and home exteriors painted to depict flowers, clusters of grapes, and other flourishes. On every street there are functional water wells, each decorated in a unique manner. Rosu’s villagers are welcoming and curious about the visitors who come to CostelHostel. They’ll wave and greet you with a hearty Bună ziua, and they might even invite you inside their garden for a glass of wine, made with grapes grown in the neighborhood’s many vineyards. The villagers sometimes offer products for sale such as free-range eggs, honey, and homemade wine.

Each season offers something special, and Rosu is the perfect backdrop for this ever-changing natural art. In the springtime, the fruit trees and Acacia flowers are in bloom, scenting the air with a beautiful perfume. From the glorious greens of the summer months, to autumn colors during the harvest, winter with lots of snow and definitely not too cold. Rosu is a lovely place to appreciate nature and witness agricultural customs in the Moldovan countryside.

In the center of Rosu there are 2 bars and 2 small markets, where it’s possible to buy food, water, and other items. If you’d like to travel to Cahul for even more products and services, it’s easy to ride there via the Mini Bus #7. A one-way ticket costs 3 Lei (about .015 Euro cents) and the bus stop is approximately a 10-minute walk from the CostelHostel.


A walk through the city of Cahul

Though Cahul is Moldova’s third-largest city, it has a relaxed atmosphere, with a minimal amount of cars and noise. The city has a beautiful park, an Ethnographic Museum, University, theater, and a cultural center where concerts and meetings are regularly held. There is also a football stadium, a lake for swimming, and WWII monuments including vintage armaments on display.

An important transportation hub, Cahul has a train and bus station with connections for onward travel. Cahul is home to Moldova’s most-famous spa, the 'Nufarul Alb Sanatorium' (White Nymphea). You can visit the spa where it’s possible to drink healing mineral water which has a pH of 7.6. Every two years, Cahul hosts the White Nymphea Festival, which features traditional dancing and music. The city also offers ATM machines, restaurants and bars, a modern supermarket, and outdoor market brimming with fresh fruit, vegetables and household items.


Travel on a Soviet-era train

For those wanting to experience history and journey back in time, train travel in Moldova is a must! CostelHostel's owner, Constantin, will be happy to accompany you on a trip to his uncle’s home in the village of Slobozia Mare where you can spend the night. The 40 km. journey takes about 2 hours, and a one-way ticket costs 5 Lei (about 0.25 Euro cents). Along the way, you’ll see beautiful views as you travel through Moldova’s Prutal de Jos Nature Reservation. (For some reason this summer, the train suspended the activity.)


Cycling & hiking

Explore the surrounding countryside on foot or by bicycle. CostelHostel has two bikes that you may borrow.


Various Activities

The CostelHostel garden is the ideal place to soak up the sunshine, admire the Moldovan countryside, play games, or engage in interesting conversation.

Constantin is passionate about Permaculture and has transformed his home's yard into a productive and sustainable garden. He has been recognized locally as an authority on the subject of Permaculture and sustainable living and incorporates the fresh fruit and vegetables from his garden into the healthy meals that he prepares. From teaching others about how to make traditional Moldovan dishes, to explaining Permaculture principles, he’s eager to share his knowledge with his guests. A wooden table and chairs placed below the garden’s walnut tree offer the perfect place to chat and exchange stories and knowledge.

On a clear night, Constantin might fire up the home’s BBQ to cook potatoes, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, carrots and onions. And for those wanting to work out their muscles, the garden has a chin-up bar and dip-down bar. Constantin would gladly demonstrate some exercises that he enjoys and even do a workout with you, if you’re interested. Besides there is a summer shower and Eco toilet outdoor.