Celebrate seasons with Constantin at CostelHostel


CostelHostel is like a perfect world due to the lifestyle and calmness. People around are very simple and living in a very traditional manner. Sometimes they even draw the water from wells which is very unusual. Mostly gardens have grapes grown which are used to make wine. Every season is warmly welcomed and celebrated. Costelhostel is located at the countryside that is perfect for plantation.

Constantin helps his guests to enjoy every season here. Entire summers and springs, climate remains very calm. Trees and flowers are on full bloom which spread an amazing fragrance. Fruit plantation makes the surrounding more colorful. Costelhostel garden plantation offers its visitors a very succulent and fruity experience.

Autumn is the season of harvesting. Guests of CostelHostel can help Constantin in harvesting the vegetation. Typical colors of every season remain on full bloom. Winters are not very cold but they are snowy due to that they increases the beauty of the village. Organic foods with warm beverages can be perfectly enjoyed to enhance the charm of Cold.

Constantin always keep a lot of interesting plans in mind which he shares with the visitors to make their trip more entertaining. He promotes permaculture due to that the natives knows him well. His place is a heaven for the vegetarians.

He prepares healthy meals and serve them at the wooden table placed in the heart of the garden where guests can exchange thoughts with each other. It induces the people to make strong friendships which remain in their memory and they crave to visit Costelhostel once again.

A lot of people around Moldova prefer CostelHostel during their trips because of the uniqueness offered by Constantin. He keeps in contact with the people who are coming his way and make sure they don’t face any hassle. Costelhostel is not like typical guest houses for only check in and check out. It is perfect home which offers serenity and mouth watering healthy foods.

Burdens and worries of city life are forgotten at Costelhostel. Being situated in a village, it offers glorious beauty of every season. People from Moldova usually visit Constantin for short trips just to forget their worries and enjoy a relaxing time. Due to his vast knowledge about fields, languages and cooking, Constantin have perpetual relationships with his guests.

Costelhostel is undoubtedly a highly recommended place. It is in the heart of the village Rosu but travelling to the market is not difficult from here. A local bus is available that picks the passengers and takes them to the nearby market where a saloon, a bar and fresh foods are available. In spite of all the things, most perfect traditional Moldovan food is served at Costelhostel.

About Costel

I'm honest and friendly person, every time trying to learn something what is new for me from other people and of course trying to become a good friend. Also I am helpful, gentleman and good conversationalist. I am passionate about Permaculture (a kind of sustainable gardening philosophy) and sustainable tourism. I love to cook and incorporate, vegetarian, and raw vegan principles into my diet, like to read books, learn something new, listen music, watch movies, enjoying the beautiful life. I love very much Pizza also other tasty food. :) I am punctual, diligent worker, detail oriented and a self-starter when it comes to my work. Most importantly, I love life and enjoy interactions with people. I have and other qualities good and bad as anyone but we must know personally to have our own view. Philosophy for my life: "Don’t ever let somebody tell you…you can’t do something. You got a dream..you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves..they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something go get it".