• Children make traditional Mărțișor for family and friends to wear throughout the month of March as a symbol of spring.
  • 8 March, International Women’s Day In Moldova, the custom of giving women flowers still prevails.
  • During the middle of March, people trim the vines and attach the vines to the supports and tidy the area


  • Orthodox Easter (date varies every year) In the predawn hours, people bring food, painted eggs, Cozonac (Paskha an Eastern European egg bread traditionally made at Easter), to the church in return for a holy water blessing.
  • Paștele Blajinilor (Memorial Easter on the Sunday and/or Monday one week after Easter) People return to their village/city of origin and join the whole community in the cemetery bringing food, wine, and gifts spending the day together and remembering the dead family members.


  • 1 May, International Labor Day People go to the forest with friends and/or family to relax and grill.
  • 9 May Victory Day celebration at World War 2 victory of Soviets, there are memorial meetings in every village/city. Each village sent hundreds of men to war. City monuments have an eternal flame. Many monuments have an artillery gun pointing in the direction of Romania from where enemy attacked.
  • Europe Day is a new holiday celebrating the views and ideas of EU integration.
  • Dulce Floare de Salcam, folklore music & dance festival held in Cahul on the third or fourth Sunday of May


 June, July, and August:

  • Villagers are busy weeding, watering, and maintaining their home gardens as well as their vineyards and cornfields.
  • In late June/early July the grain is harvested for bread.
  • Every “even” year, at the beginning of July, in Cahul city hosts the  folklore music and dance festival,”Nufărul Alb” (“White Nymphaea“). Young dancers come from many other countries. Festival includes local wines, foods, and handmade crafts.
  • Faces of Friends Festival, a pop, rock, and jazz music festival held in August (exact dates vary) in Cahul.
  • In late August sunflowers are harvested for oil and seeds.


Collect and chop wood in preparation for winter


  • Prepare the wine barrels. Harvest and crush grapes.
  • Later, harvest corn


  • Moldova Wine Festival in Chisinau during the first weekend in October offers free samples, if you purchase a “glass”.
  • Cahul Wine Festival during the second week in October offering free samples


  • 8 November, Roșu Village Day (Hramul Satului în Roșu): The village celebrates their patron saint “Dumitru” with music, folk dancing, wrestling “trinta”competition fighting for the prize of a sheep, rooster, or rabbit.
  • 21 November, Cahul City Day (Hramul Orașului în Cahul) (Religious, national heritage, music, gastronomy, culture): Celebrating their patron saint “Mihai” with music, dancing, and a bicycle race.
  • Sustainable collection wild berries (dog-rose, black thorn, buck thorn, etc.)



Sauna at CostelHostel


  • 24 December: Children singing carols “colinde” for sweet treats and/or money.
  • 25 December, Christmas following the new calendar.
  • 31 December: Children sing and recite poems wishing people good wishes for the New Year for money and sweet treats.


  • 6 January: Children singing carols “colinde” for sweet treats and/or money.
  • 7 January, Orthodox Christmas.