Most people like to use a sauna in the wintertime to get warmer, to make winter more enjoyable while improving their health.

At CostelHostel, this can become possible with the help of Constantin. He uses the Finnish traditional sauna often for health reasons, it helps to improve our immune system, it cleanse our body from toxins, improves circulation, and as an added benefit, the skin becomes soft and young.

Most guests of the CostelHostel in the winter are happy to add this service to their stay as the owner offers a special discount for guests that are staying at the hostel.

The sauna can be used all year round, not only in the winter. The health benefits are the same whether you use the sauna in spring, summer or fall. There's always a special time for a sauna!

The inside of the traditional Finnish sauna is made of pine tree wood on the walls and ceiling. The floors and seats are made of natural linden wood with details made of cherry tree. The different shades of red from the cherry tree and the white from the linden together with the dim lighting gives a relaxing atmosphere.

More Info:

The Finnish brand stove is heated only with wood from acacia and fruit trees. While in the sauna, the fire will be seen through the glass door of the stove. The relaxing sound of burning wood makes this a sensory experience.

The owner can provide herbal tea or essential oils diluted in water to pour on the volcanic rocks, located on top of the stove to release pleasant aromas that also have health benefits,such as helping to get the toxins out, clearing the lungs and improving the breathing system.

It's better than any perfume in the world as your skin will absorb the smell and then release it.

A broom made of young branches with leaves dipped in hot water can be used to massage the skin providing a relaxing warm touch.

All guest will receive free herbal tea, prepared by Constantin with herbs collected from his garden. The guest will be provided with a towel and a sauna hat to protect the head from the heat.

The sauna has a maximum capacity of four people. The recommended using time is two hours.

Recommendations and Price:

Sauna costs are 5 Euro per person, based on an average time of use of around 2 hours. The sauna can be used simultaneously by 4 people maximum, my own herbal tea is included.

Do not eat a heavy meal before and after using the sauna. Fresh fruit juices are welcome to be enjoyed instead. They will provide much-needed hydration.

Avoid consuming alcoholic drinks before and after using the sauna.

Consult your doctor if you have any health issues (such as high blood pressure) prior to using the sauna.